Cancers aren't cry babies...

Cancers aren't cry babies...

Today, the Sun moves into Cancer, the first water sign of the zodiac. Cancer is ruled by the moon, so with the sun on this sign we are more tuned into our emotions and more focused on the things that make us feel safe and secure - home, family, strong bonds with friends...

In the Major Arcana, Cancer is represented by The Chariot, which might have you scratching your head. The Chariot is associated with determination, resolve, movement and evolution. The stern face on the character depicted is a far cry from the nurturing Cancer in your life.

How can that represent those cry baby crabs? I hear you ask. 

Well, let me sit you down right there, Cancers are no cry babies. Yes, they're deeply emotional, but they have a damn good mastery over them (most of the time). They are not the passive sweethearts that popular astrology often paints them to be.

We only need to look at the Greek mythology behind this sign to grasp this. Cancer, the crab, was sent by the goddess Hera to thwart the mighty Hercules as he battled the water serpent Hydra. Things didn't quite go to plan there, while it managed to latch onto Hercules' foot, he quickly crushed the crab. But, this does highlight Cancer's tenacity and willingness to take on challenges, much like the energy behind The Chariot. 

Cancer should be known more for their drive, power and determination. They are a Cardinal sign after all - they initiate situations and changes. So, while this is a time of being more aware of our emotions, it's also a time for using them to take action. This is a season for taking the initiative based on what we feel intuitively. 

So while Cancer suns are likely to be compassionate and caring, constantly making sure that other people are okay, don't think that they're all soft and squishy. 

Cancer is probably once of the toughest signs out there. Change my mind.

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