Full Moon in Sagittarius - 14 June 2022

Full Moon in Sagittarius - 14 June 2022

Tonight's Full Moon is the "Strawberry Moon" and also happens to be a Supermoon (closer to the Earth). 

This Full Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, an energetic, truth-speaking and knowledge-seeking kinda sign. With the Sun in Gemini, this full moon brings us the opportunity to surface important information and reveal truths. With Mercury, planet of the mind, also in Gemini, there's likely to be some lightbulb moments and shifts in our perspective. 

In the Tarot, Sagittarius is represented by Temperance, a card that calls us to bring moderation into our lives. This full moon brings similar energy, with a call to honour our boundaries, but also remove any 'excess' from our lives.

That said, this full moon forms a square with Neptune, the planet of illusion and dreams. Currently in its home sign, Pisces, Neptune brings with it creativity and inspiration especially in the realms of music and art. Sounds good, right? Well, yes! But, this square may lead to some confusing energy... On one side we have the moon in Sagittarius trying to illuminate the truth, while on the other Neptune may be keeping us safe in our little fantasy bubbles. 

Saturn, the planet of responsibility, is also at play here. The Sun and Moon will make a harmonious connection with it. There may be some uncomfortable moments for some, where we realise that some of our plans/aspirations are based too much on fantasy and not enough practical hard work or learning. There may be some areas of our lives where we need to take a bit more accountability. Sagittarius' energy will help us feel the drive to step up and accept this. 

The best advice for this full moon is to amp up on self-care and just do what you feel you need to do. That's right, you do you. Ultimately, this Full Moon is a positive one, but it's important to keep yourself grounded over the next few days.

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