Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

Tomorrow (28th June) Neptune will station retrograde in Pisces, and will remain retrograde until 3rd December.

Neptune is the planet of illusion, confusion, dreams and intuition, so the first few days of this retrograde can make it challenging to see things clearly. We may also be prone to second-guessing our intuition and we may feel that some of our dreams are 'in limbo' or that we need to put some of them on hold. Of course, that is likely to lead so some of us experiencing some disappointments, but it also presents the opportunity for us to re-assess the path we are on.

You might start to notice yourself having particularly strong/vivid dreams over the coming months. Pay attention to those, dreams often bring creative ideas into our lives and can be used to problem-solve issues that our waking mind can't.

The advice for this transit is to keep following your intuition, even though it will feel more challenging than usual.

Look out for your Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces friends who will likely feel this transit the most. They may have some meltdowns as they try to figure out what direction they want to take in the future, and really struggle with following their gut. Don't be surprised if they come to you with "what should I do about...?" questions! 

Neptune Retrograde Dates For Your Diary:

Saturday, 2 July - Mercury in Gemini forms a square with Neptune retrograde which might cause us to believe in make believe or lies rather than the truth, or stick our heads in the sand to avoid the reality of some situations. 

Thursday 14 July - Venus in Gemini forms a square with Neptune retrograde, leading to confusion around relationships and financial matters. 

Friday, 16 September - The Sun will be in Virgo and form an opposition with Neptune retrograde. We can expect to feel a bit confused about what our purpose is in life. 

Wednesday, 12 October and Saturday 19 November - Mars in Gemini will form a square with Neptune retrograde, not once but twice! Mars is the planet of our ability to take action and assert ourselves, so on these dates we're likely to feel uncertain.

Finally, Thursday 1 December - Mercury will be in Sagittarius and form a square with Neptune retrograde, which might have us feeling a bit sensitive when it comes to criticism from others, no matter how constructive it is. It might be a good day to take off work to chill out and enjoy the first door of your advent calendar!

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