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Heidi Phelps

Black Violet Tarot, Deluxe Edition | The White Deck

Black Violet Tarot, Deluxe Edition | The White Deck

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This deck is a limited edition - only 250 were produced!

While printing the Black Violet Tarot - Deluxe Edition, there was a miscommunication between creator Heidi Phelps and the printer. The first sets of decks were printed with black foil card backs on a white background, instead of a black background.

Only 250 of these were made and each comes with a signed and numbered note from creator Heidi Phelps.

Throughout history and folklore, violets have represented life and fertility, as well as death and remembrance - a contrast of joy versus grief, beginnings versus endings…

Heidi created her deck as she became a mother, while losing her own mother to cancer. The deck is illustrated in black and white to reflect these bittersweet dualities.

The white deck comes with the cards only, no guidebook, and will be packaged in a custom-printed tuck box. The URL to a virtual guidebook will be printed inside the tuck box, to look up your card meanings.

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