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Tarot By Peachy

The Millennial Tarot

The Millennial Tarot

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The Millennial Tarot deck is an ench take on the traditional Rider-Waite tarot that features original artwork, Millennial-inspired names, and symbols.

The additions help the card meanings feel more relevant, accessible, and understandable for tarot beginners and experienced readers alike.

The deck also includes an online guidebook with clear, easy-to-follow guidance on the meaning of each card, written with a humorous and on-point tone.

The imagery in the cards showcases diversity in terms of LGBTQIA representation, multi-racial representation, body size, and accessibility, reflecting the diversity of the Millennial generation.

The deck features contemporary references like "The F$ck Boy" for The Devil and "Quarter-Life Crisis" for Judgement.

The deck captures the mystical essence of tarot and perfectly embodies the challenges of adulting as a Millennial. It is designed and manufactured in New York with high-quality materials. It is ideal for ages 25-40 but can be enjoyed by anyone.

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