New logo, who dis?

New Logo, who dis? 
Well, it's still me! Just new and improved... The trained observers among you will have noticed I updated my logo a couple of weeks ago. The previous one was great and all, but it didn't quite tell people what Tarot by Peachy offered anymore! My business has grown from simply being a tarot reader! 
So, after some late night tinkering, a refreshed logo was born. A couple of elements are still the same as before (I'm a Taurus moon, so I like to stay true quite close to my roots). I didn't want to do a wild overhaul just for the hell of it!
Right in the middle of it all is the symbol for one of my favourite Tarot cards - Strength. I'm not going to lie, I was struggling to get it to work and I was sad at the thought of dropping it completely... So why's strength so important to me? 
A number of years ago as I stumbled further down the Astrology rabbit hole, I got my own birth chart reading, where I discovered that I was a Leo rising, and of course, Strength is the card that represents Leo in the Major Arcana. 
Beyond that though, the reader remarked at the time that I have "much strength, courage and power with the potential to achieve much" in my lifetime. And this is where everything really started to fall into place for me...
I've struggled my whole life with my sense of confidence in my power and abilities. To this day, when I'm successful, I have days of feeling like an imposter. I recently worded it on an instagram post that "sometimes I think I'm the shit, and other days I feel like shit". 
Growing up, when I felt confident, I would quickly feel like it was misplaced - I shouldn't feel confident, I wasn't enough. And this was largely due to my upbringing. People probably wouldn't perceive me as confident either because I was never the one doing all the talking... I often chose to quietly observe and form my opinions and thoughts to myself, taking everything in and often saying nothing. To this day I'm still not that person that feels the need to fill the room with their voice and their opinions. To be honest, I think it's what makes me good at what I do... 
My confidence is quiet, and while it falters now and then, I know that I am strong and I know that I am powerful. I have carried much on my shoulders that many could not.
Just because I don't throw it in your face, doesn't mean it's not there. And there is my connection to Strength.  Strength represents our ability to overcome any obstacle, about knowing you can endure life's challenges, and having the stamina, persistence and patience to do what you you need to do. Strength tells us that you don't need to be the loudest voice in the room, but simply that a belief in yourself and an ability to keep composed even in the toughest situations will see you succeed. 
And so, that's why it's at the heart of my business and my logo. A visual reminder that I have the ability and strength to do what I need to do, without having to change who I am. 
Keep your eyes peeled for more blogs from me in the future. I'll be using this going forward to bring you news, views and reviews! 
Much love,
Sarah - Tarot by Peachy
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