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Meraki Tarot 3rd Edition

Meraki Tarot 3rd Edition

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The Meraki Tarot is inspired by the magic of nature and animals and is a whimsical look at the world around us. The deck speaks to the passion and playful nature we all have innately within us. 

The colours are balanced and full of life, facilitating an intuitive journey. Each card laid out next to one another in any standard or personal configuration tells a beautiful and vibrant story that expand imagination and extract new meaning and ways of approaching all life situations. 

Deck Specifications:

  • 101 card illustrated tarot deck 2.75"x4.75"
  • 78 card traditional tarot deck
  • 1 Cover Card
  • 1 The Meraki extra major arcana
  • 13 informational cards - which include keywords, crystal and astrology associations
  • 8 oracle cards that can be used with the deck or on their own
  • 350GSM card stock
  • Soft-Touch matte lamination (The cards have a beautiful rose petal matte hand feel)
  • vibrant green painted edges
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