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Portals - The Tarot Deck

Portals - The Tarot Deck

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Portals explores the themes of the tarot using landscapes, disembodied human elements, animals, textures, and shapes, transporting us through universal themes beyond heteronormative relationships and traits, and even earthly confines. each card connects to an instinctual relationship to the world around us and the potential spaces we may inhabit or imagine over the course of our lives, and invites us to tap into our personal narrative through settings, characters, and objects. by engaging our storytelling powers, we designate an agency to identify and celebrate or change the story.

this deck is a LIMITED RUN of 1125 copies measuring 3”x5” and printed matte on a hearty 410 gsm black core card stock featuring silver foil and packaged within a two-piece box. find the accompanying guidebook with interpretations as well as prompts for reflection and spreads here.

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