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Stardust Tarot Dice

Stardust Tarot Dice

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STARDUST Tarot Dice is a new approach to Tarot. Something to explore that offers you simple and accurate readings. The dice are here to guide you in your personal growth. They are the perfect little companions for your divine journey.

Divination has been practiced in all sorts of ways over the years, with the dice you will experience a special and alternative method of tarot. The dice will clarify the big uncertainties of your life and help you discover your own magic.

Dice have a different application than tarot cards, but divination is what you make of them. Over time, you will begin to imagine many ways to use these dice with your intuition.

This tarot allows people with disabilities and who can not handle the cards, to practice Tarot more easily.

STARDUST Tarot Dice is composed of :

13 dice with symbols on 6 sides totaling the 78 Rider-Waite Tarot cards
A black pouch to shuffle the dice
A guidebook to help you discover the symbols associated with the Major and the Minor Arcana

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