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Lark and Legend

The Black Salt Tarot

The Black Salt Tarot

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A glimmering deck to light your way and lighten your heart through the good times and the bad.

Inspired by fantasy novels, video games, anime, nature, and the queer experience, the Black Salt Tarot is a thoughtful deck that features rainbow holographic foil artwork printed on pitch black card backgrounds.

This isn’t your average RWS clone or pip deck. It’s a glimmering deck that draws on the RWS Tarot system while offering its own nuanced view of the cards. And while the Minor Arcana cards are illustrated in the pip style, each card contains visual clues as to their meanings, making for captivating pip artwork.

The accompanying guidebook offers insights as to why certain artistic choices were made for the card art, as well as the creator’s personal lens view and experience with many of the cards. It provides two paragraphs of info, and keywords, for each Major Arcana and Court Card, as well as brief meanings for all of the Minor Arcana. It also offers you a journaling prompt for each card, as well as a handful of custom tarot spreads.

Another aim the creator had with this deck’s guidebook was to make the court cards actionable and practical. Rather than teaching the court cards exclusively as other people in your life, or as poorly woven groups of dreamy adjectives, this little guidebook will teach you how to appreciate the energy of each court card that lives within you, and how you can make the most of these as you cycle through all of them over time.

• 85 cards – 1 bonus card, as well as 2 options for the Strength card, 2 options for the Justice card, and the option to have Strength/Justice as number 8, or number 11.

• Cards are printed on 350 GSM art paper, with anti-scuff matte finish for ease of shuffling, and feature matte black edges.

• Cards measure 62x120mm, making for an average tarot card length with a narrower than average width, giving the deck a deliciously occult look while making it easier to grasp for those of us with small hands.

• Comes with 110 page little guidebook, full of insights into card art choices, as well as divinatory meanings and journaling prompts for each card.


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