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Faina Lorah

Happy Tails Oracle – dog divination deck

Happy Tails Oracle – dog divination deck

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Happy Tails Oracle Deck uses the pawsitive energy of dogs to teach us the most important lessons in life on staying present in the moment, bringing comfort to loved ones, and eating more treats. Let the magic of our furry friends bring you joy each day through this hand-painted deck. Do traditional spreads, or incorporate these canine cards into your tarot readings. Pull one card at a time for mediation, or to display on an altar for daily inspiration. Each card includes corresponding keywords for contemplation and an incantation for summoning spirit animal energy during spell work.

- 40 tarot sized cards
- Matte 350 GSM paper
- Rounded corners
- Booklet included
- Rigid 2-part box

Each card design was hand-painted by the Russian-born artist Faina Lorah. It was created in watercolor using traditional Eastern European stylization. The following dogs are included in this collection: Australian Shepherd - Basset Hound - Beagle - Bernese Mountain Dog - Bichon Frise - Border Collie - Boston Terrier - Boxer - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Chihuahua - Chinese Crested - Chow Chow - Cocker Spaniel - Dachshund - Dalmatian - Doberman Pinscher - English Bulldog - English Pointer - French Bulldog - German Shepherd - Golden Retriever - Great Dane - Greyhound - Labrador Retriever - Maltese - Miniature Schnauzer - Newfoundland - Papillon -Pekingese - Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Pomeranian - Poodle - Pug - Rottweiler - Rough Collie - Russell Terrier - Shiba Inu - Shih Tzu - Siberian Husky - Yorkshire Terrier

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