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Tarot By Peachy

The Plastic Oracle - Mean Girls tarot

The Plastic Oracle - Mean Girls tarot

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An Iconic Fusion of Tarot and Mean Girls:
This deck features 78 fully illustrated cards, blending the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot with the most iconic scenes from the 2004 cult movie Mean Girls. Imagine The Chariot as a silver Lexus with Regina calling you a loser or Gretchen Wieners falling from The Tower because she's sorry that people are jealous of her but she can't help it that she's popular. The quotes and scenes from Mean Girls perfectly align with the symbolism of Tarot.

A Nostalgic Cultural Reference:
Mean Girls, a cornerstone of "millennial" cultural references, continues to captivate audiences over 18 years later. Its enduring popularity lies in its quotability, making it the perfect match for Tarot readings that are both entertaining and insightful.

- 78 Full-Color Illustrated Cards: 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards that bring Mean Girls to life in your readings.
- Iconic Movie References: Each card portrays an unforgettable scene or reference from the Mean Girls movie.
- The Plastic Oracle deck is larger than a regular-sized deck (2.75" x 4.72"/7cm x 12cm).
- Superior smooth cardstock (350gsm) with a glossy finish for durability and style.
- Featuring a flip cover lid box, magnetic closure, and matte finish.
- Comprehensive Booklet: Dive into the symbolism and inspiration behind each card with the included booklet.

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